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Submitting News to the NGOID News Network

This tutorial explains how to submit news to NGOID news network. There are three ways this can be done.

Method I - Direct Submission of an article

1. Go to Submit News page.

2. Fill in the necessary details in the form and hit the submit button. That's it.

Method II - Polling of your RSS content

The News Network can poll your site and extract content headlines from your RSS files.

1. Go to the Add RSS page.

2. Enter the URL of your RSS link and how often you want it to be polled and click the submit button. That's it.

The News Network updates its information by polling all the RSS sites in fixed intervals of time.

Method III - XML-RPC Integration with the News Network

The News Network also provides an XML - RPC interface (Remote procedure call). There is an XML-RPC server residing at NGOID. You need to write an XML-RPC client calling the function on the server. This function submits news items to NGOID

1. The XML-RPC server on NGOID is PostNews.php.(written in PHP)

The function name on the server is SubmitNewsNgoid. This function takes 6 parameters
The parameters are
a) subject: Subject of the article.
b) story: The story description.
c) topic_Name: The topic under which the article falls.
d) name: The name of the person who authored the article.
e) URL: The URL of the site.
f) SiteName: The name of the site.

The pointer to this function is i3c.ngoiddb.

2. Use an XML-RPC client to call the function at the server and pass the necessary parameters at the time of calling

Here is a sample code written in PHP.

$rpc_message = new xmlrpcmsg('i3c.ngoiddb',array(new xmlrpcval($subject,"string"),new xmlrpcval($story,"string"),new xmlrpcval($topic_name,"string"),new xmlrpcval($name,"string"),new xmlrpcval($url,"string"),new xmlrpcval($sitename,"string")));
$rpc_client = new xmlrpc_client("/PostNews.php","ngoid.sourceforge.net",80);

For more details on using XML-RPC visit http://www.xmlrpc.com

There you are - three ways that you can get you content on the NGOID News Network.

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