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Retrieving News to the NGOID News Network

This tutorial explains how you can retrieve news from the NGOID news network. and integrate it with your application, website, portal or weblog.

1. Find the channel or add a channel. A channel is a set of RSS sites bunched together.

Tip - To view information in the desired channel, click on the HTML link. This displays the last 100 news articles related to that channel in a tabular format.

2. After creating the channel or chosing one, click on the XML link to get the new articles in RSS format.

3. Most web software (like php-Nuke, PhpGroupware support a headlines module. If you are using this, add the xml-rss link using the admin tools provided. That's it.

If you are using php-Nuke 4.3, you can support deeper integration which lets you post news items into your web site directly from News Network.

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