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Instructions for integration of PHP-NUKE 4.3 with NGOID News Network

To integrate PHP-Nuke 4.3 with the NGOID News Network Modifications have been made to 4 files.
1. submit.php
2. admin.php
3. submissions.php
4. stories.php

Either make the modifications outlined in install.txt OR
download the modified version of the these files and replace them with the original ones. (Install.txt is also available as a part of the download)

In addition to the above 4 files, the following files have to be installed

1) parsestories.php: This file parses the XML data provided by NGOID news network and retrieves necessary information.
2) SubmitNews.php: This file establishes a connection to the XML–RPC server and passes data to be inserted into the database.
3) submissionsNgoid.php: This file includes parsestories.php and displays all the submissions at NGOID in a tabular form.
4) intheme.php: This file takes care of username displayed with sitename from which article was posted.
5) xmlrpc.inc: This is the XML–RPC PHP 1.0b8 client file. This file can be downloaded from Usefulinc.

The first 4 files are available as a part of the download.

Source Forge

We use resources from Source Forge to run this project and would like to thank them for giving back to the community.

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